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Roikaew (Mam) becomes Madam Roikaew for the people in the town of Tao Rong (crying turtle) after graduating from a well known university. Roikaew’s father, Jaruek, asked Roikaew to marry the town mayor, Vinit, a widow with two children. Vinit saved Jaruek from the bad bandit of the town, Ron.

Jingjai (Nadia), who is Roikaew’s best friend, tried to her Roikaew from becoming Vinit’s wife on the wedding night, received an unwelcome help from Ron. Ron came to kill Jaruek and Vinit used his life to protect his new father in law. Roikaew becomes a new widow with two children and receives sympathy from the town people.

Roikaew becomes a town activist and begins many vocational jobs for women in the town to earn a decent income. Roikaew’s popularity is overwhelming.

A new town mayor is assigned to Toa Rong. It has been two years after the bloody incident. The whole town gossips about the new mayor and how he will come and go without improving the condition of the community. The new mayor is a son of a top rank official and a master graduate from oversea. Roikaew was invited to the welcoming ceremony of the new mayor. Roikaew was upset that the new mayor is Cholchat (Tik). Roikaew does not like him and his girlfriend, Supasri (Jamie), her classmate at the university.

Supasri is the only daughter of a large hotel owner in Bangkok. Supasri looks down on Toa Rong and leaves for Bangkok but not before asking Vallaya to watch for any signs of mutual relationship between Roikaew and Cholchat.

Cholchat refuses to accept money from Jiang, the town commerce. Cholchat enjoys the simplicity and peaceful lifestyles of the town people, especially Roikaew, but Roikaew does not trust Cholchat.

A broken bridge brings the two together and the fund raising event draws the two closer. Vallaya reports the whole incident to Supasri, who comes and causes a big chaos.

Janethum, an environmentalist, is secretly in love with Roikaew, while Jingjai likes him. Janethum asks Roikaew to help him find volunteers to protect the forest from fire. Janethum and Roikaew meet illegal hunters and exchange gun fire. Cholchat spends a night with feverish Roikaew on the mountain and brings her down at day break, but everyone think that something happen between the two.

Cholchat asks Roikaew to marry him, but Roikaew refuses. Cholchat find out that Jiang has a servant who is actually Ron in disguise. Cholchat tries to use his wedding with Supasri as a set up to arrest Ron, which cause Supasri to be very angry and left him with no bride. Everyone asks Roikaew to be the bride so they can capture Ron. Roikaew agrees with the promise that she will leave the town to study….