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Bugha is a wealthy old grandmother, but she can not live with any of her four children. Lonely Bugha left her youngest daughter’s home to live by herself and an old maid. Bugha met her old friend and neighbor, Poj, a happy grandfather with four grandchildren. Poj takes care of his grandchildren, since their father works in Middle East to support the family after his wife passed away. Pear, Mai, Fai, Pan are friendly with old people and make Bugha’s life happier.

Mod, Bugha’s grandchild, studies at the same university with Pear. Mod has bad attitudes. Mod was raised by his mother to hate his grandmother and lived a luxury lifestyle. Nueng, Bugha’s other grandchild, was abandoned by his mother since one year old, was raised by Bugha. Pear likes Nueng but he has a girlfriend, whose parents own the tourist company he works for.

Joogolnee, Nueng’s mother, is a heavy gambler, tries to take her mother deed to pay off her debt. Mod and Mai help Bugha to flee to a country side. Mod begins to understand his grandmother and her difficult situation to please all of her love ones. Mod leaves his sheltering nest and tries to experience life, but not without advices from old people he used to ignore. Nueng quits his job and breaks up with his girlfriend after finding out that his mother took her money.

Mod’s father died from a kidney failure, while his mother begins to accept simple lifestyle. Nueng makes Bugha’s home into a guest house with Pear and everyone’s help. Joogolnee decides to end her bad habit after being arrested by the police and the death of her last husband. Mod becomes a well known singer, but not before asking Mai to be his girl. Bugha’s wish for understanding family has finally comes true.