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Salin and her sister, Srijittra, have nothing in common. Srijittra is a quiet and obedient ladylike while Salin has a tough and stubborn personality. Salin becomes very upset when her dear sister has been set up by her aunts to marry a blue blood (royal blood line). Salin tries to prevent her sister’s marriage to happen and the real fun begins.

Unreaun became a daughter in law of the high class family despite the opposition from her husband’s family, including his older sisters, Sa-ang and Sroy. The couple had two daughters together, but the marriage ended when the girls’ father fell ill and passed away. Salin left her father’s residence to live with her grandparents in a farm while her mother and Srijittra stayed with Sroy.

Salin becomes a librarian after graduating because she loves to read. Salin meets a fine young man at her farm while relaxing with her reading. He introduces himself as Pol, a new engineer overlooking at the gas station near her home.

Salin visits her mother and sister regularly and learns that her sister has to move to Sukawat castle to get ready to be the bride of Kithirajnarin (he has a title of the son of a prince, note: King’s son is a prince, prince’s son is also a prince, but at a lower ranking while the next blood in line is no longer title a prince. This is the position of Srijittra’s future fiancé. No need to use royal dialect.) Salin is annoyed at her sister who has no comment in the most important event that will dictate the future of her life.

Kithirajnarin is known as Kithi among friends and Chai Rong (second son) by his family. Kithi agreed to the marriage because this is his Royal Aunt’s request and he was heartbroken by his childhood’s lover, Ying-taweepenseng or Ying-koy, who married a millionaire heir while studying oversea. Kithi’s Royal Aunt has no children of her own and he is her favorite nephew. Kithi is most likely be the one who will inherit the family estate because his older brother married a maid and his free spirit youngest brother, Badinrajasongpol or Chai Lek, has no attention in taking care of the family matter. Ying-koy divorced her husband less than a year and tried to get back with Kithi but received a strong opposition from Kithi’s Royal Aunt.

Srijittra received a cold welcome from her future fiancé and Kithi’s sister-in-law constantly gossiped to her about Kithi’s true love. Srijittra’s sadness can be felt by Salin. Salin wants to meet her future brother-in-law and tells him to take a very good care of her sister but she met Kithi and Ying-koy in each other arms. Salin introduced herself as Kithi’s future sister-in-law to Ying-koy. Ying-koy had never heard of this engagement and became very angry at Kithi. Kithi is also angry at Salin, but he cannot win the argument over Salin. Salin is very sorry for Srijittra and foresee the unhappiness marriage for her sister. Salin vows to herself to prevent the marriage from happening.

Ying-koy is mad at Kithi and refuses to speak to him. Kithi accidentally meet Salin and they end up arguing. Kithi discovers that Salin is a logical person and drives her home. Salin’s grandparents like Kithi more than Pol.

A flamboyant playboy names Uttsanee visits the new librarian, Jitrinee or Jinny, and becomes very interested in Salin. Uttsanee is Ying-koy’s ex-husband and Ying-koy begins to date Uttsanee to upset Kithi even if she is disgusted of her ex. Kithi sees no reasons to mend his relationship with Ying-koy after he witnesses the ex-couple flirting.

Kithi’s Royal Aunt orders construction of a new living quarter for the future couple while Kithi and Srijittra have not built their relationship. Salin wants to prevent wedding and asks Pol to arrange for her to talk with Kithi. Kithi shocked Salin by telling her that he will marry her sister to please everyone. Salin understands Kithi’s difficulty and assumes the task as the matchmaker for Kithi and Ying-koy as a responsibility for she broke the news to Ying-koy in the beginning.

Uttsanee told Ying-koy that Kithi visits Salin at the library regularly. Uttsanee knows that Ying-koy will disturb Salin and she also accuses Salin of preying on her man. Salin feels sorry for Kithi when she discovers that Uttsanee is Ying-koy’s ex. Pol notices that Kithi is deeply interested in Salin rather than his fiancé. Kithi learns from Jinny about Ying-koy’s intrusion and accusation. Kithi seems to enjoy making the case becomes true.

Uttsanee asks Salin to work for him. Salin agrees if Uttsanee can bring Kithi and Ying-koy back together. Salin believes all this time that Kithi is truly deeply loves Ying-koy. Ying-koy is more upset after learning that Uttsanee is also trying to win Salin’s heart.

Ying-koy asks her friend, who is a columnist in the gossip section, to set a rumor about Salin and Uttsanee as lovers to lure Kithi away from Salin. Kithi is more than upset, he angrily lectures Salin to be very careful around Uttsanee and the playboy cannot be trusted. Pol asks Kithi to question his own heart after witnessing his brother’s unease.

Pol takes a very good care of Srijittra while Kithi is away and bright her spirit after listening too many of bad gossip from his sister-in-law. Kithi asks his Royal Aunt that the marriage cannot happen if Srijittra has a lover and he has his brother in mind.

Pol wants to know if Salin likes Kithi or not but Salin gives no direct answer while telling him that Srijittra is a very nice lady and Kithi can love her easily. Uttsanee sends many expensive gifts to Ying-koy using Kithi’s name. Ying-koy eagerly calls for a date with Kithi but shows her wicked self in front of him when Kithi tells her that the presents were not from him. Kithi discovers that Uttsanee is behind this plot. Kithi goes to see Salin and blames her for the mess she has created but Salin tells him that he is jealous of Uttsanee. Kithi agrees, but not before he pulls Salin in his arm and kisses her. Salin is the person he is jealous not Ying-koy.

Salin is very confused when she understands of her feeling for Kithi but Salin has another false assumption that her sister also loves Kithi.

Audience, you will have to view the lakorn yourself. I have exposed you to too much details….Trust me you will enjoy this one…..ho ho ho