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Sun Podithara (Por) is the only son of Pra-Chan (Pra is a title of an officer in the past. Sunís fatherís name is Chan.) Sun is a recent graduate agriculture major and art minor from Philippines (Note: Wealthy Thai used to send offspring to Philippines to study since it was a little bit cheaper than traveling to US or UK and Philippines was a US colony). Sun is an ideal husband for many girls since he is a foreign graduate, grown in a well to do family, handsome, and kind. Sun has a small studio and paints on a regular basis. Sun meets Suvalee, the only daughter of Praya-Kitikraseth (Note: Praya is a higher rank officer than Pra.) Suvalee sits as a portrait for Sun and they become engaged.

Sun discovers his father with a partner on the night of his engagement party. Sun asks his father to abandon her for her occupation would ruin the name of the family, but his father refuses. Sun is very disappointed and left to a friend house, but Sun never reaches his destination. Sun sees a hitchhiker and stops to help, but the hitchhiker hits Sun on the head before stripping of his clothing and flees with his car.

Sun wakes up in the morning. He can not recall anything, not even who he is. Sun keeps walking until he meets a group of laborers and asks the leader for a job. The leader calls him, Siem (Note: Siem-lor means a Thai man in Teo Chew dialect, one of Chinese dialect uses mostly along people who reside along the south of the mainland china and Taiwan. Most of the Taiwanese originated in the south of mainland china before the revolutionary troops lost to the army of Mao Sei Tung. The group fled to Taiwan, which was known as Formosa Island.) The laborers deliver rice in a ship to Srichung Island. Sun is immediate in love with the beautiful landscape of the island. Sun swims back to the island but he lost most of his strength, but before he drowns, a fisherman and his sister notice struggling man in the sea lend their helping hand.

Nid (Sine) was Sunís saver. Nid lives with her brother, Neung, and her mother. The family fishes for the living. Nidís family doesnít want to have Sun with them. They were afraid that he is an escapee from jail or some kind of crook, but Nid makes up her mind that she wants Sun to stay. Sun helps growing some vegetation to increase income in exchange for his stay. Nidís family feels more comfortable with Sun, but Sun has an enemy, his name is Cherd. Cherd is also a fisherman and Neungís friend. Cherd has been in love with Nid for a long time but Nid sees him as her brotherís friend.

Nid closely takes care of Sun when his foot is injured. Sun adored Nid for she saved his life but now he sees her beauty shines and cannot resists his artistry instinct. Sun starts painting Nid. Sun names the complete painting, ďSao NoiĒ (Note: Sao Noi means young girl.) Sun and Nid vow their love together and decide to get marry. The couples spend the merriest days together for three days then suddenly a man names Tom McKinney appears.

Tom was Sunís professor in Philippines. He walks pass the coupleís house and notices the painting. Tom notifies Sunís father about his whereabouts and Pra-Chan requests surgeon to operate on Sun. Pra-Chan lies to Nid that Sun has a life threatening illness and the operation is the only way to save his life. Nid agrees to go to Bangkok and witnesses the surgery.

The surgery is a success for Sun remembers his father and fiancé but he does not recognize Nid. Nid is badly hurt, and her father in law takes her to an employment agency. Nid gets a job as a maid at Suvaleeís auntís house. Suvalee wants her aunt to torture Nid. Khun ying Malee (Note: Khun ying is a title of Prayaís wife) is Suvaleeís wicked aunt. Malee accuses Nid of stealing her diamond ring, but her husband stands as Nidís witness. Nid left Maleeís house to stay with Mrs. Chod, who produces lakorns. Mrs. Chod decides to make Nid a popular Níeg and gives her a new name, Vanida. Vanida becomes very famous. Sun can no longer work productively at his job and Pra-Chan encourages his son to spend more time on his favorite hobby. Pra-Chan opens a gallery for his son to operate.

Nid visits Sunís gallery on the opening day and asks him to make a life size portrait. She poses for him daily and tries to help him remember her but all fails. Sun asks about Nidís family but she tells him to watch her show.

Sun asks Nid to sit for him for a painting that he will enter a contest. Nid helps Sun eagerly for she wants to help her husband to be well known. The couple spends the night around the town after the portrait won the contest. Sun tells Vanida that he loves her and asks her to marry him but when he returns home, his father greets him with the news that he has to marry Suvalee. Sun agrees to marry Suvalee since he had engaged her even though he is heartbroken. Sun has to leave with Suvalee and her family on a trip but not before he writes a letter explaining everything to Nid. Sun asks his father to deliver the letter.

At the same time, Neung comes to see Nid and tells her that their mother is very sick. Nid left immediately to nurse her mother. Nid comes back to practice her role but first she visits Sunís residence. Nid faints after reading Sunís letter. Nid can no longer concentrate and lost her role. Nid decides to go back to her family. Cherd finds out about everything and decides to take revenge for his love. Sun returns from the trip and worries about Nid. Sun reads the newspaper and the article about the winning painting by him at the Asian festival in Philippines. The painting is called Sao Noi, but Sun cannot recall painting but recognizes the portrait to be Nid. Cherd sneaks in while Sun deeply concentrating. The bullet passes the back of his head but the loud explosion causes him to faint. Sun wakes up. He remembers everything. Sun apologizes to Cherd that he had not kept his promise to take a good care of Nid. Sun returns to Nid and stays with her.