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Pan (Sornram) is a recent honor graduate from a law school. Pan came home to visit his parent after the internship. Pan registered in the army despite the opposition from his parents. Pan enlisted with fake educational background (4th grade). Pan met his instructor, lieutenant Chaweepong (Kanyarat). Pan met Chaweepong before and it was love at first sight. Pan tried to win her heart despite many obstacles from the merchant (his friend/trainer likes her) in the camp, to the daughter of the man Pan helped on one of the case (his other friend likes her), a higher rank officer who is in love of Chaweepong (he is a jerk) and finally Chaweepong’s father (this old man is funny).

Chaweepong liked Pan but social standard stand in their ways and when her father finally gave in and the truth about Pan was revealed, the men were assigned to special practice program. Chaweepong got misunderstanding with Pan and thus made him to enlist himself to a dangerous mission. Pan, his friends, and his father in law fought against drug ring….but all well ends well.