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Salaila (Kulyarat) is a successful working woman. Salaila met Puchai (Nithi) and was touched by his gentle behavior to his mother, Saluk. Salaila saw Puchai resting on his motherís lap and thought to her self that he is a very kind man. Salaila lived with her mother, Nuan, and younger brother, Pasit. Nuan raised her children to be dependent and allowed them to make their own decisions. Pasit likes Piangnapa (Premsiree), who is Salukís nieceís best friend. Piangnapa likes Liepseu (Worarit, Note: pronunciation of Liepseu is Lie-pseu and pseu is the same as pseu in pseudonym). Salaila decided to marry Puchai despite Salukís disapproval. Piangjai, who is Piangnapaís sister, is secretly in love with Puchai, tries to make Saluk and Salailaís relationship worsen.

Saluk interferes with the coupleís marriage and Salailaís discomfort with Puchaiís dependent to his mother turns to deep wound. Salaila becomes pregnant, but when she was ready to give birth, Puchai is the last person to visit her. Saluk told everyone not to notify her son about the birth of her grandchild. Salailaís disappointment became anger when Puchai allowed his mother to take the baby to care for without asking Salailaís opinion or approval. Salaila filed for divorce but Puchai compromised to try to work on the marriage. Salaila decided to separate with Puchai and went to work out of town.

Salaila met Liepseu and it was love at first sight for him. Liepseu aided Salaila in any way he could. Salaila became attached to Liepseuís masculine and support she could not find in her husband.

Piangnapa missed Liepseu but Pasit tried to prevent her from seeing him and thus made her return late. Saluk verbally abused Piangnapa thus Piangnapa sneaked out to see Liepseu but was almost raped if Pasit and Puchai did not interfere. Pasit apologized and told her that he loves her but Piangnapa said she cannot forget her feeling for Liepseu.

Salaila returned to her home just to find an empty house. Puchai moved out to his motherís house. Salaila asked for a divorce and her son, but Puchai refused. Saluk accused Salaila of having an affaire. Piangnapa discussed the subject with Liepseu not knowing that he is the suspect in this case.

Pasit invited his friends to his motherís birthday party. Liepseu told Salaila that he will wait for her divorce to finalize and married her. Piangnapa was saddened as she accidentally heard the conversation. Saluk saw Pasit kissing Piangnapa as he dropped her off. Saluk slapped Piangnapa and verbally abused her again. Salaila and her attorney friend went to Salukís house and took her child back. Saluk angrily told Puchai to bring her grandson back to her and Salaila was threatening to hurt her if she did not give up the boy. Liepseu met Puchai and began to sense that Puchai is a very good person and his love might not come well.

Piangnapa was pressured by Saluk to marry Pasit. Piangnapa went to see Liepseu but Pasit misunderstood and accused her of dishonesty. Piangnapa ran out and was struck by a car.

Puchai refused to divorce and began drinking heavily. Puchai found out that Liepseu is in love with Salaila. Liepseu announced his feeling to everyone while Pasit cursed that his love will never become reality.

Puchai took Salaila to a resort to work out their problem. Salaila was too stubborn to forgive Puchai, but she gave in when Puchai was trying to kill himself. Liepseu followed the couple and fought with drunken Puchai after he started accusing Salaila of having an affaire. Saluk thought that Pasit was to be responsible of Puchaiís wound. Saluk again verbally abused Piangnapa but she was shocked as Puchai talked back to her for the first time and Saluk is the one who must be responsible for all of the problems.

Salaila and Puchai took their sick baby to the hospital and Salaila understands for the first time the love Saluk has for her son. Salaila forgives Puchai and makes up with Saluk. Heartbroken Liepseu decides to accept a position in Kenya. Salaila gives Liepseu a farewell hug and tells him that her feeling for him is real but she must be a good wife and a good mother.