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Toe (Bee) and Joe (Lift) are orphans. Pinís (Bow) father took them to train as magicians, but he never gave them any money. Pinís father decided to quit but he was hunted down and the trio tried to escape the killers and the truth about the murder of Pinís father. Lieutenant Kom (Joe) fell for Napa (Nook), who actually befriended with him to get information about the trio. Napaís boss is a drug trafficker (Sornramís father). The Boss used Pinís father to deal drug and when Pinís father discovered the truth, he kept the money, used it to buy home and plan to escape the Boss thus Boss hunted him down. Pin likes Toe, while Joe likes Porn (Alicha), who is a sexual interest of Boss. Porn cannot leave Boss for he holds her insane mother as hostage. The trio went to stay with Maha-yom, who is actually the worst of all. Napa gave her life to save the trio, Kom, and Porn. Kom is heartbroken while the other are happily paired.