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Paiprun and Samit did not have children of their own thus adopted four boys, Tonnum (Nicky), Tamfah (Pubaet), William (Louis), and Nathan (Joni). Samitís mother does not like the boys for she wants biological grandchildren. She tries to match her son with other woman but the boys always ruin her plan. Nathan loves music. William is a playboy. He will become a famous model. Tamfah loves to paint, and wins awards. Tamfah discovers that he is actually the grandson of the old nanny. Tonnum fells in love with Vansook but find out that she is his half sister. Tonnum is Paiprunís biological son by Vansookís father, but their relationship did not work out and Paiprun decided to leave Tonnum at the nursery. Paiprun then married Samit and adopted Tonnum. Tonnum has an internet friend that he always expresses his feelings with. Tonnum is tricked by pregnant Nongaew to take in her child. Nongaew left her baby at the hospital with the letter saying that the baby is not Tonnumís. What would Tonnum do with the baby? Will Vansook likes Nathan in place of Tonnum?