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Tiraka or Kratae (Jintara) owns a factory producing clay pot use to hold water (Thai calls Oong). Tiraka is well known as a stingy person and she has one daughter, Matthree (Kullanat). Matthree married a happy go around Wanrob (Yuranan). Tiraka does not like her son in law and asked for one hundred thousand as marriage package, but Wanrob made monthly payment instead. They disagree on everything. Wanrob wants to get rid of Tiraka by asking his friend, Rachanon (Santisook) to make Tiraka fell in love with him so she can leave him and her daughter alone, but Rachanon is Matthree’s father. Rachanon got Tiraka pregnant and left. Tiraka cannot forgive Rachanon, but he now wants to marry her. Wanrob’s mother does not like Matthree and she wants her son to marry Krathin, her adopted daughter. She told Wanrob that Krathin is pregnant with his child (The father of the baby is actually Wanrob’s father). Would Tiraka forgive Rachanon and Wanrob’s marriage is safe? (Of course, this is a comedy….HA HA HA)