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Juntana or Kaina (Navadee) lives with her mother and step father, Whang. Whang is a drunken gambler who creates so much debt that Kaina and her mother cannot find enough money to repay. Tawan (Thitinan) is a recent graduate from police school assign to Kaina’s town. Kaina raises ducks and sells their eggs to make a living, but the town mayor acts as a middle man, reduces the prices so low she cannot make enough money to meet end. Tawan helps Kaina to increase the value by making salted eggs, but before Kaina can pay her debt, the mayor makes her marry his son. Kaina and her friend, Kaijae, helped Chuck, who was hurt by his mistress’s lover. Chuck told Kaina to visit his friends in case she needs help. Chuck’s friends are Tawan’s parents. Chuck has only one request as an exchange for his aid. Kaina has to marry Tawan, but Tawan refuses the marriage because he does not know who Juntana is. Tawan’s brother, who just broke up with his girlfriend, agrees to marry as a favor for his parents. Tawan is shock to find out that Kaina is the bride. Chuck visits Kaina on her wedding day and finds out that she is his daughter. Kaina’s mother ran away from Chuck, who was a playboy. Kaina does not have to marry Tawan’s brother, but she is still mad at him for she does not know why he refused to marry her in the beginning….but all well ends well.