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Ployjun (Pupae), Numboot (Navadee), and Taenjun (Rujira) are orphans after the death of their mother. Uncle Pha, who is a long time friend, takes them in as his own children. Uncle has three sons, Sila (Dom), Thanee (Nithi), and Nathee (Chai). Uncle asks his sons to take a good care of the girls. Ployjun enrolls in a University in Bangkok and stays at the dorm. Nathee was in love with Ployjun but Uncle asks him to step out as Sila is a better suit for Ployjun. Nathee was deeply hurt by his fatherís decision. Nathee begins to act unfriendly to Ployjun. Sila asks Ployjun to marry him but Ployjun, after many incidents, becomes unsure about people relationship, and turns down his offer. Numboot enrolls in an art university in Chiang Mai, where Thanee also works as an artist. Numboot and Thanee understand each other and get along well despite some misunderstandings. Taenjun is a tomboy. Taenjun loves Uncle very much and he spoils her. Taenjun was almost rape after coming home late from working as a trainee for a newspaper. Nathee rescued Taenjun and discovered his feeling toward her. Sila works with the national forest and was shot by the people who tried to cut the reserved woods. Uncle was shocked and passed away with Thanee and Nathee making promises that they will take care of his fatherís daughters. Ployjun married Sila, while Thanee and Numboot refused to get marry but stay together, and Nathee engaged with Taenjun, they will get marry after Taenjun graduated.