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Thongchan (Anas) and Sawistree (Jamie) are undercover polices. They pretend to be married couple and relocated to the town behind the mountain as the new teachers. Thongchan met Tiang (Isariya) and was surprised to discover that the town gang leader is a girl. Thongchan is suspicious that Tiang distributed drug while Tiang thinks that Thongchan is a drug dealer. Tiang has Noy (Pinky) and Suriya (Roong) as devotees. Noy and Suriya’s families do not get along as the two compete to win Tiang’s heart. Noy’s brother, Noeng (Tanapol) fells in love at Sawistree at first sight. Noeng and Tiang operate band and compete for customers. Noy’s father is the true drug distributor, but he made everyone to believe that Tiang is the bad person. Tiang ran away from the town but was captured by the drug clans. Noy and Suriya were also kidnapped by the same gang, but Tiang helped them to escape. Suriya led the police and Thongchan to rescue Tiang. Thongchan was shot by Noy’s father, who was trying to kill Tiang, who knows all of his secrets. Noy’s father was arrested. Noy and Suriya notice that Tiang likes Thongchan and after spending time through many incidents, decide to get marry and hope that their family will no longer be enemy. Sawistree returns to the town to see Noeng and asks if he still wants to marry her. Noeng feels bad that his father is a bad person but woes to be a good person and a hard worker for Sawistree. Tiang waits for Thongchan’s return, but she does not know that he is still a bachelor…..