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Noi (Pok) and her family live by the beach. Her mom owns a small restaurant while her dad is the local policeman. Noi also has Jet Ski for rent business. Ohm (Um) opens a guesthouse by the beach; he lost his younger brother in a Jet Ski accident. Ohm and Noi argue most of the time but they like each other. Noiís mother and her friend try to crack down drug business. Noiís parents and their friend break down the drug lord. Ohm introduces Noi to his parents, only to be rejected by his mother. Ohmís father plans to buy all of the estate along the beach to build a fancy hotel. Noi becomes very upset for the large hotel usually pays small attention to the well being of nature and the habitants. Noi breaks up with Ohm but she meets Ohmís father and gets along well. Ohmís father decides to let the property to his son and develops as he wishes.