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5 Kom is an action lakorn. It consists of five special police unit members; Dorn (Willy), Ded (Dom), Terd (Penpeth), Diaw (Chatchai), and Men (Sira, nOy is in love with him). 5 Kom was unsuccessful on one of their important mission and was fired from the department as the result, but Keng (Vicky) asks the group to come back to fight against Alcoff, the drug lord. Keng was Dorn’s girlfriend, but they separated after the incident that Dorn believed that it was his fault. 5 Kom disguises and enters the drug ring. Ded met Alcoff’s daughter, Sofia (Angie), who fells in love with him immediately. Terd finds out that Alcoff’s girlfriend is also undercover army officer. Together they help each other to destroy the drug ring and discover the truth that there are people who betrayed them…..