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Pearnuan (Marsha) quits her job and left her playboy husband to return to Chiang Rai. Her father divorced her mother since she was four. He left her all of his assets. Pearnuan found an old bed and put it together. Pearnuan went to bed and discovered that she traveled through time back fifty years ago. Pearnuan met Laoperng (Chakrit), and learn that his sister Thongriew escaped from her marriage to Usaw. Thongriew is in love with Sanpeng, who actually Pearnuanís nephew. Pearnuanís fatherís first wife slept on the same bed and travel through time to marry Laoperngís god father, but she was already pregnant with Pearnuanís fatherís child. Pearnuan dreams about the problems that will happen on Thongriewís wedding with Sanpeng and tries to prevent the tragedy from happening. Pearnuanís husband tried to win back Pearnuanís heart but she gave it to Laoperng. Usaw tried to disturb the wedding but he no longer wanted Thongriew, Pearnuan is the person he now desired. Pearnuanís husband is very upset that Pearnuan wants to be with Laoperng. He burns her bed but not before Pearnuan jumps into the flame. Pearnuanís husband never believes anything Pearnuan told him until one day he meets a guest at the hotel. The old lady is Thongriew. She and Sanpeng escaped Usaw and went to England while Laoperng happily married Pearnuan.